Benchmark: openssl RSA verify/s on FxOS devices



Curious how fast FirefoxOS devices can verify signatures? Well, I am, as I’d like to know how much we potentially delay installs when using stronger signature keys. The following has been tested using curl’s openssl static binary for Android.

adb push openssl /data/local
adb shell /data/local/openssl speed [rsa4096|rsa2048]



RSA 2048 verify (sign)

RSA 4096 verify (sign)

FirefoxOS Tarako (35USD device)

535.8/s (14.2/s)

156.7/s (2.2/s)

FirefoxOS Flame (Dev. device)

752.3/s (19.5/s)

221.1/s (3.1/s)

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

2141.4/s (55.4s/)

645.2/s (8.6/s)

i7 4500U (laptop)

25856.4/s (784.2/s)

6983.0/s (109.1/s)

So that means for verifying 1 4096 RSA signature:

  • Tarako takes ~6.5ms

  • Flame takes ~4.5ms

  • Z3 Compact takes ~1.5ms

  • Laptop takes ~0.14ms