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Mueller Report

1 minute read

These are just my notes about the operational security pieces that are relevant to the US’s Mueller report about Russian interference with US elections of 20...

Containers, systemd-nspawn and overlayfs

7 minute read

This is a little blurb about how to use namespaces most efficiently at the time of writting. In particular, systemd-nspawn offers a lot of flexibility, is li...

Sheeva plug

4 minute read

The Sheeva plug is a relatively old ARM-based (ARMv5, Kirkwood/Feroceron CPU) “plug-style” Linux box, with 512Mb NAND flash, an SDCard reader, and an ethern...


1 minute read

With split-view DNS and VPN it makes your web browsing and what not slower due to slower DNS resolution. This is a “solution” mainly for Linux and OSX.